Centre for Intrinsic Motivation


We started working in Karnataka in 2016, in partnership with the Department of State Educational Research and Training (DSERT). Over time, we developed a range of activities to support teachers and officials across 8 districts. 

During the COVID-19 school closures, we supported education officials at block and cluster levels with virtual training and coaching sessions. We also offered online tools for teaching and strategies for connecting with students, which were shared across the entire state.

Starting from August 2022, we have now signed a new memorandum of understanding to agree our contribution to education in the state. The academic year 2022/23 has been

declared the learning recovery year by the government of Karnataka. To fulfil this, DSERT has designed an accelerated learning programme called the ‘Kalika Chetharike’ where they have provided training to teachers and learning material for classrooms across the state.

We’re now supporting the implementation of Kalika Chetharike at state, district and cluster levels, in every primary and secondary school across all districts. Working alongside the DSERT, we are co-designing review meetings to reflect on the progress, best practices and challenges by leveraging teacher peer networks through district officials. 


  • We are now supporting approx 50,000 schools across the whole state.
  • Before COVID-19, we were already reaching more than 43,058 teachers and 5,50,566 children.
  • We have now reached more than 2.2 lakh teachers and 45 lakh children.
  • From 2019-2020, our internal data showed a 62 percentage point improvement in classroom engagement in Karnataka.
  • We’re now a fundamental part of the flagship state Kalika Chetharike programme.